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Lemieux at practice
Lemieux vs The Panthers
Get Your Kicks On Route 66
 Mario vs Potvin
 Mario Lemieux
 Lemieux and the Mess
 Lemieux schooling and Bruin
 Lemieux gets aquanted with the boards
 Lemieux gives Fhur the blues
 Lemieux with trophies
 Tring to wrap Beezer
 Lemieux vs Belfour (Allstar)
 Mario in Miami
 Mario vs the Caps
 Showing the power
 Mario Lemieux and The Stanley Cup
 Mario Lemieux
 Lemieux Shark shooting
 Mario Lemieux
 Lemieux vs Kolzig
 Vs the Caps
 Group hug
 Lemieux gets rocked
 Only one way to stop him, hold his stick
 Mario Lemieux
 He Shoots, he????
 Kicking McCabe's ass
 Lemieux vs Richter
 Another group hug
 Close up
 Wow, what a follow through.
 Line change
 he is STONED!!!!
 Super Mario Allstar
 Big entrance
 Lemieux vs Belfour (allstar)
 Lemieux vs Belfour (allstar)
 Hit the deck!!
 Lemieux, an All Star allstar
 The Great Ones